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Tourist Attractions
City of Toluca

Walking through Toluca’s historic downtown is like passing through colonial times, the era of Porfirio Diaz as well as modern times. The ancient Matlatzincas and the Mexicas gave us the Nahua name of Tollocan. No trace remains of them, everything was destroyed and, even so, they are in our blood.

During colonial times, Toluca was a mule driving center and a strategic point between the capital of New Spain and other important provinces. As the state capital in independent Mexico (1830), it was a business and financial center for prosperous landowners and ranchers. During the times of Porfirio Diaz, industrialization slowly emerged with the setting up of various factories.

Religious and civil architecture from the past provides the city with a special appearance. Its traditional nineteenth century arcade with 118 arches spread along three galleries are the longest in the country. The Plaza José Ma. González Arratia square is an architectural spot, which harmonizes the past with the present.

Today, Toluca has achieved significant academic and cultural growth as demonstrated by its prestigious higher education institutions and numerous museums: the city has the third highest number of museums in the country At the same time, it is a modern, dynamic city offering complete services along with a provincial flavor.

The capital city of a great state, Toluca has achieved significant tourist and cultural development. Its numerous museums are outstanding....

· Museum of Fine Arts · Modern Art Museum
· "Cosmovitral" Botanic Garden · Museum of Graphic Arts
· José María Velasco Museum · Watercolor Museum
· Luis Nishizawa Museum-Workshop · Popular Culture Museum
· Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez Museum · Natural Science Museum
· Cultural Center for the State of Mexico · Coin Collection Museum
· Anthropology and History Museum  

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